The idea behind the House of Learning

The House of Learning (HoL) is designed to be a learning facility that combines educational work, individualisation and digitisation under one roof. Teaching practice and development, as well as teacher training and research are successfully combined there.


The House of Learning at SGO

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Find out more about the House of Learning and its supporters.


Patrons and partners

The House of Learning is also supported by a school association established by the local business community. The non-profit Verein zur Unterstützung der Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am SGO e.V. [school association] was founded in November 2018.

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HoL vision

The future of schooling is more than just a school. SGO and regional companies are setting new standards for the future in the area of digitisation and school development with the Internationale Schule Südwestfalen and the House of Learning.


Similar topics

Find out more about the HoL, the school’s management and the teaching staff at the Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe.


Schulleitung des SGO

School management

Find out more about Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe’s management team, the commitment of everyone involved and the international school’s programmes for educating strong individuals from South Westphalia.


SGO mission statement

At Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe we attach great importance to responsibility, community, tolerance and humanity. This is reflected in our programmes and educational objectives.

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HoL news

Summary of the latest information, important milestones, investments and the development status of Internationale Schule Südwestfalen and the House of Learning at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe.