Patrons and partners of the House of Learning

Moving from the present to the future of schooling together

We see the evolution of Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe (SGO) to become Internationale Schule Südwestfalen as a responsibility shared with all those involved in school life. Together with partners and patrons of the House of Learning, we have made a good start in recent years.

We at SGO have been tasked with an educational project, the House of Learning (HoL), for our language profile that is probably unique in Germany. In future, we hope to supplement our bilingual programme, which can be completed by obtaining the bilingual Abitur [Germany’s standard university entry qualification], with the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma). Modern study and career advice that meets the needs of our economically powerful region of South Westphalia will also form part of the international school and House of Learning educational project. The project is supported by a school association founded specifically for the House of Learning. The association is making a major contribution to the establishment of an international branch at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe with financial support and expertise, without encroaching on everyday school life and educational work.

Reaching goals together

Patrons and partners of Internationale Schule Südwestfalen

The House of Learning – locally anchored, internationally minded

The House of Learning is supported by a school association established by the local business community. The non-profit Verein zur Unterstützung der Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am SGO e.V. [school association] was founded in November 2018.

Its objective is to promote and financially support the development and operation of an international branch at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe. The association contributes to the costs of further training and certification according to international standards and to the media equipment of the House of Learning by providing supplementary teaching and learning materials.

Thanks to its membership and willingness to support the House of Learning, the local business community is highlighting the need for an international school in South Westphalia. Of enormous significance in terms of structural policy, more than EUR 3 million has been set aside for this school project by the various companies, most of which operate internationally, for the next few years – in close coordination with the school authority and the school management. This financial support will not influence the educational concept or internal matters of the new school branch in any way. Instead, the various companies hope to help optimise the conditions for effective educational work.

They also want to give students at SGO or the House of Learning the chance to complete (international) work placements.

Managing Committee

Winfried Fischer, Chair
Christian Hermann, Deputy Chair
Marco Butz, Director


Companies from the
local business community


November 2018

Contact with the HoL School Association

Are you interested in joining the School Association and investing in the future of the House of Learning and our region? Then feel free to get in touch.


Verein zur Unterstützung der
Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am SGO e. V.


Koblenzer Straße 121
57072 Siegen
0271 3302-222

Members of the School Association

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