The House of Learning (HoL)

The future of schooling

There are many visions of the future of school education – ours is the House of Learning. A place of individual learning at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe and a link between the school, the University of Siegen and the companies throughout the region.

Allowing for the flexible organisation of learning time and space, the HoL unites all generations. Moreover, being part of the international school it has the potential to reach far beyond the District of Olpe with its innovative educational programmes.

Its supporters who have come together in the Verein zur Unterstützung der Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am Städtischen Gymnasium Olpe (SGO) [school association] back this important structural school project in close coordination with the school authority and school management.

The association aims to help optimise the framework for effective educational work without influencing the educational concept or the internal matters of the new school branch. By making a financial commitment, the local business community is not only clearly demonstrating that it demands political support from the state for the supply of skilled workers and managers, but also that it is prepared to invest in this area itself. What’s more, the new school model offers excellent opportunities to recruit innovative young teachers even more intensively than before thanks to the planned partnership with the University of Siegen.

The future of schooling

What will the House of Learning be teaching in future?

There are various visions of the future of school education. In our opinion, renowned social researcher Ken Robinson succinctly sums up what a multilingual and internationally minded educational programme must impart in the future with the eight Cs of the school of tomorrow, in addition to subject-specific knowledge and practical teaching.


The House of Learning

locally anchored, internationally minded

Idea and development

The term House of Learning (HoL) stands for a broad vision of education focusing on language skills, digital literacy and the attainment of the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma), as well as targeted study and career guidance for students from the region and abroad. Highly qualified teachers are already attending further training courses and producing modern teaching materials and educational concepts in accordance with international standards. Practical teaching, particularly in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and new subjects such as language and literature studies, experimental sciences, individuals and societies or the arts, offer new approaches to socially relevant topics.

Patrons and partners of the House of Learning

The international school and House of Learning educational project is backed by the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the University of Siegen, the District Town of Olpe as the school authority and the Verein zur Unterstützung einer Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am SGO e.V. [school association], which was established in October 2018 and is supported by local companies. On 4 October 2019, representatives of the state, the district town, the university and the school signed a joint declaration on the establishment of an international branch at SGO.

Development of Internationale Schule Südwestfalen

SGO is currently going through the certification process for the IB Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Teachers at SGO attend workshops and develop curricula for the established subjects of German, mathematics, English, history, geography, physics and biology. New subjects like the theory of knowledge (ToK), as well as creativity, activity, service (CAS) and extended essays (EE) are organised by committed and qualified teaching staff at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe and the media equipment of the international school is significantly promoted by the Verein zur Unterstützung einer Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am SGO e.V. [school association]. This creates numerous new stimuli and inspiring approaches to daily educational and specialist teaching as well as for digitisation and school development at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe.


SGO is equipping itself for IB Physics and thus implementation of the Diploma Programme at the House of Learning with financial support from the School Association and Sparkasse Olpe. The existing computerised measurement acquisition system will be complemented by high-quality devices to enable students to independently perform digital experiments using iPads in such areas as mechanics, optics and radioactivity.

Cooperation and partners

Not least thanks to cooperating extremely closely with the University of Siegen, the House of Learning educational concept also continues to evolve. The concept covers such topics as continuing and further education for teachers, as well as support for gifted students. As part of the international school at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe, the House of Learning will also become an integral part of the District Town of Olpe’s planned digital district development. A new building complex at the current location of the Imberg Building will complement the House of Learning with modern equipment, space for individual study time and much more.

The House of Learning (HoL)

The House of Learning (HoL) is a learning facility especially designed for this educational project where teaching, individualisation and digitisation of formal learning, university and practical teacher training come together under one roof with the aim of successfully combining teaching practice and development, as well as teacher training and research.

We look forward to taking the next steps toward the future and the resulting potential for the development of the House of Learning!

The International School and the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Subjects of tomorrow

Similar topics

Find out more about the International Baccalaureate mission statement and regional supporters of the House of Learning at SGO.


Partners and patrons

The House of Learning is also supported by a school association established by the local business community. The non-profit Verein zur Unterstützung der Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen am SGO e.V. [school association] was founded in November 2018.

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International mission statement (IB)

Students of the bilingual branch at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe (SGO) have the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised school qualification, the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma).


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SGO mission Statement

At Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe we attach great importance to responsibility, community, tolerance and humanity. This is reflected in our programmes and educational objectives.

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